Saturday 6 June 2015

Long hard Winter.

The start of winter was a long time ago. My first day out in the snow this year was 11th of December, with my first winter route of the season being Inclination a couple of days later. Almost six months layer, on Wednesday the 3rd of June, there was still some winter activities to be had. With the cold spring, there was still loads of snow about, so I took the opportunity for a June ski tour.  I headed over towards Aonach Beag, and then down An Cul Choire. The snow was a bit damp and sticky, but it was nice to be out. Between my avalanche work, my own skiing and climbing in this country, and ski trips to Norway and Switzerland, I have spent about 100 days on snow this season.

However, my ski boots are starting to fall apart (I did buy them in 1995, and who knows how many thousands of kilometres I have skied in them) and when boot packing up a steep grassy slope on Wednesday, I fell on my face and tweaked my knee. I think it is time to give up snow for a while, and go sunny rock climbing. 

Here are some pictures of seemingly never ending winter of 2014/15. 

Murdoch on Kellet's North Wall Route. A route we back in mid-December, but I did not write about. 

Myself skiing in Glen Coe back in January (photo Tom Grant).

Looking up Observatory Gully on the 23rd of May on the day of my last winter route. Myself and Robin Clothier did a rather hollow Hadrian's Wall Direct. 

Jordan heading off down An Cul Choire on the 3rd of June. The snow was a bit sticky, but we did get a 500 metre descent in total.