Wednesday 7 May 2014

West Coast Weekends

Since getting back from the Alps I have been trying to get as much climbing done as possible before the midges appear. However, I have started my summer job and am only free at weekends. Despite this, and some poor weather, I have managed some good routes done in Glen Nevis, on Erraid, and around the Gairloch area. However,  seem to have manged to only get pictures from Loch Maree crag, possibly because Guy and Murdoch turned up and took some. I thought I was going okay for the start of the season, but (as usual) not nearly was well as Iain Small who climbed all sorts of impressive stuff, including on-sighting a new E6 6a up the black streak left left of Jarldom Reach on Loch Maree crag. 

 Warming up and heading into the sunshine on the lovely Arial E3. Described on ukc as  "An outrageously big pitch that makes something like Left Wall feel like an HVS with a small boulder crux in comparison". Photo: Guy Steven.

 Enjoying the exposure on Spirit Air E5. Photo Iain Small

 Iain starting up this new route.

Iain through the crux but still with a lot of hard climbing to go.