Thursday 27 October 2011


My first attempt of Cockblock. I lobbed off higher up, but pulled my ropes and got it second go.
Jimmy Big Guns on Skip of Fools (8a+) , The Diamond.

Through one thing and another I don't feel like I have been getting that much climbing done recently. This has been due to a combination of the nights drawing in, so reducing after work climbing possibilities, wet autumnal weather, and taking time to prepare for my MIA assessment (which I passed last week). However, on the odd day off ,when it has been been hosing down, I have managed to get a few decent things done. Trad wise these include Cockblock, a short and hard E5 in the pass, but not without taking the lob from the last hard move due to being stupid, and  Sultans of Swing, a superb girdle of Vector Buttress. On the sports climbing front I managed Battle of the Little Big Orme, an 8a down at lpt and have had a few days down at The Diamond on the Little Orme. This is a really impressive sports crag, but unfortunately is tidal, has bird restrictions, can be quite conditions dependent, and has some interesting access issues. Despite all this it has been proving popular this year. More information can be found here