Thursday 18 July 2013

All the time In the world.

Due to a continuing broken camera, I have not taken any photos for months. This is one of Guys pictures of me enjoying one of my favourite activities, prodding snow, on the way back from a route on Shelterstone crag  on the 13th of July. Photo Guy Steven.

It is usually the case that the more you have of something, the less efficiently you use it. At the moment I have time, lots of it. Despite various attempts and interviews I currently don't have a job (I even missed a trip to Pabbay and Mingulay for an interview for a job in Antarctica, didn't get the job). Although this has given me plenty of time to climb, I don't feel that I have been using this time particularly efficiently.  Don't get me wrong, I have had some great days out, and done some fantastic routes.  Some of the routes that stand out include a traverse of the Cullin Ridge in a day, Stairway to Heaven on Blaven, Cave Route Left at Gordale, Elderado and Repossessed on Aonach Dubh, El Passe at Lochan Dubh crags and  Beastmaster at Ardmair.

However, I do feel that I have lost the focus a bit. Last year I got into a good routine, I would go to work, then go to the wall, or go on my finger board or go running in the evenings,  and would climb every weekend. As I knew what I would be doing a few months ahead I found it easy to organise various trips away. By this time last year I already had had a week in Fairhead, ten days in France and had a trip to Pembroke well planned.

This year I have found it hard to get into any type of routine and despite some great routes, I don't feel like I have been pushing myself to get stronger and better at climbing. As for trips I have had a few days in Yorkshire, and that has been about it. As you have probably noticed this blog has been a bit neglected, as I always have plenty of time the next day to update it, it always seems to get put it off until the next day. My camera which I broke back in April or May is still sitting on the shelf waiting to be packed up and sent away to be fixed.

However, this post might get me back into the habit of updating my blog more regularly, and maybe I will get my camera sorted so have some pictures to put up. In the meantime the forecast is looking good, and the hills are quite dry, time to use all that time I have (in a probably not very efficient manner).

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