Thursday 20 January 2011

NH snow cover peaks (or does it).

It is usually around late January that the snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere reaches it's maximum. Some years of course it is a little earlier, such as 2009 when it reached it maximum around early January, and some years it is a littler later, such as last year when the peak was around mid February. This year there was a slight peak around the 9th of January, and it has dropped slightly since then. Whether this was the maximum for the season, or it will surpass that in the next few weeks only time will tell. At it's maximum about 23% of the northern Hemisphere is covered by snow and ice. The minumum is a value is about 3% which occurs in late August or early September.
These graphs and images were copied from the excelent website Plenty more images and graphs there if you find this sort of thing intersting.

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